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Energy Efficiency and Eco-Industrial clusters in the Pulp and Paper Industry, QC (Canada)

Feasibility study and development of absorption heat pumps, heat transformers and cooling machines coupled to steam turbines for the pulp and paper industry. (Industrial project partly funded by Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and Ministére des Ressources Naturelles du Québec in co-operation with the 6th European Framework Programme
Co-mentoring of a PhD on simulation and analysis of implemented paper process and mentoring a a PhD on implementation of an absorption heat pump in the process.
Process analysis by means of pinch-point methodology.
In-depth process energy analysis of a mill to quantify technically feasible options for a significant reduction or elimination of fossil fuel consumption, upgrading waste heat to useful temperature levels and, creating a potential for exporting power, hot water and low pressure steam.
Quantification of environmental benefits such as, reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and of thermal pollution of receptor water streams.
Work-out of an optimal thermo-economic design of an energy upgrading and converting system based on the results of the first two parts of the case study. The system included a trigeneration unit with an absorption heat pump and a stand-alone heat transformer.
Detailed design of a heat pump of medium capacity as a pilot plant (further industrial sponsors).



Absorption chiller École Polytechnique Montreal, QC (Canada)

Development of a novel heat pump for Canadian climate conditions. Project funded by NSERC. Follow-up of R&D-activities within the frame of an European co-operation.
Assessment of key parameters for heat-driven heat pumps and cooling machines for the Canadian climate.
Design, layout, assembly and experimental study of  a pre-commercial prototype of 15 kW cooling capacity.
Organization and set-up of a new lab and of the research team.



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